Social Ad Management


Effectively create, manage and optimize social ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram at scale with Give Me Publicity, using unique data signals to maximize impact. Social campaigns are complicated to launch and manage. Marketers need easy-to-use workflows to create ads at scale, quickly bring to market, and reach targeted audiences to drive high engagement.

Campaign management at scale

  • We have include Audience creation, segmentation and management
  • We have to create Bulk ad generation and management
  • We have to create Bulk ad generation and management and Editable preview in bulk
  • Applying Rules to optimize campaign performance
  • Optimizing budgets across various ad sets that share a common business
  • objective to maximize efficiency

Global Marketing Partner Programs

  • Providing a badged Facebook Marketing Partner and Instagram Partner with Ad Technology specialty
  • Creating a full Ads API integrations with Facebook and Instagram
  • FBX integration, under Display
  • Full Service and Self Service options
  • Global in-market support

Cross-channel attribution, optimization and reporting

  • Alternate attribution model reporting and optimization to understand how your social ad campaigns influence your search campaigns
  • Search Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram
  • Integrated workflow, optimization, and reporting interfaces for social, search, and display
  • Click–through and view-through tracking
  • Channel-assist and campaign-assist reporting
  • Flexible and customizable UI and reporting, including custom metrics and visualizations
  • Report scheduling and automated distribution
  • Organic post reporting