Google Shopping Management

We have to manage product ad programs on Google and we are identified as an Official Google Partner.

We can aggregate, optimize and manage user product data feed to help our users run stronger ads and we can maximize the performance and profitability on the channel.

We are following the criteria of google shopping for your business.

1. Selling item with competitive price

2. Selling high margin items relatively

3. Seeking to grow your sales

How We Achieve Growth with Your shopping campaign?

  • Assigning a Retail search facilitator for each account
  • Daily submitting of Google Merchant Feed, up to 20x per day if necessary
  • Processing the Master Product Feed via GMP feed optimization and reallocating product keyword and attributes for enhanced applicability
  • Maintaining the Integration of Product & Seller reviews into shopping campaigns
  • Placing the mechanism for Google Remarketing ADs on a product level
  • Renovation for the search value feeds by optimizing the keywords into Product titles,Descriptions and Attributes
  • Generate Remarketing lists for future shopping campaigns
  • Increase the Mobile Bid Modifiers and profitability to take high value user
  • Estimating Audience-Level Performance, raising visibility for high value User and behavioral segments.
  • Raising the AD visibility through Day-Parting, Geo-Targeting, and Device-Level Modifications based on previous data
  • Providing the facility for Google Trusted Stores Certification
  • Capture and analyze customer footprints and behavioral pattern
  • Incrementing the remarketing Campaigns & SKU segments and eliminating the low value SKUs